Marketing is a key element for all organizations and without it even the best service solution you offer will be unknown to your consumers. Marketing motivates customers to pay for your services. Any organization needs to analyze consumer needs and motives; in order to market the benefits offered by this organization. EduMasr will do all this for you.

Under current competition, our company will help you gain market share by marketing your school using a variety of marketing tools. We will develop a customized marketing plan for you, using a number of these tools.

Website Design

Designing an appealing and informative website, as in today’s information technology world, people are resorting to search engines; and a website is the most important image for any organization

Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence for your brand has holistic benefits for your business. They extend to seemingly unrelated miracles like receiving better ranking in the search engines, increasing consumer loyalty and expediting purchase decisions—all funneling to your bottom line.Read More

Close Range Marketing

Sending promotional messages about your service to customers’ smart phones and tablets.

Newsletter Marketing

Designing and writing a newsletter that highlights what is happening within your organization.

Collecting and sending emails to potential customers.

Event Marketing

Organizing events that highlight the service offered by your school / university.

Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+ Design

Social media engage your brand’s target audience outside of traditional constructs, and in a way that’s super fun and super shareable. And our creative and design teams make it look as easy as pie.

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SEO Services


You may have a lovely website, one that creates a user experience that is out of this world, has the most exquisite copy ever laid down and generates a feast for the eyes not seen since Lady Godiva! But, all that won’t matter if no one can find it.

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Graphic Design


Our motion graphics artists and designers will enhance your brand collateral by lending motion to brand assets like infographics, illustrations, logos and display ads.
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