A web-based application that allows educational institutions to deliver content and resources to their students, while monitoring participation and assessing performance. LMS allows for consistency in the evaluation and delivery of materials; as well as customizing training modules. Progress of LMS users can be tracked and their records can be reviewed. LMS is easy to use, providing continuous learning.

Centralized Information

All study materials are in one location.

Students can exchange various resources.

Access to information anywhere, anytime

Teachers supply students with useful resources and educational tools.

Mobile apps allowing students to engage with e-learning content on any device.

Students can access study materials from anywhere and at anytime.

Webinars can be held between the different parties; allowing for debates, as well as question and answer sessions.

Increased communication

Students can collaborate on different tasks.

Students can exchange opinions with others.

Students can stay updated with the latest news from teachers and friends.

Students and teachers can interact using video conferencing, hold discussions and take part in forums; enhancing classroom teaching.

Parents can keep track of their children’s performance, weaknesses and strengths.

Time Saving

Students can rapidly find important and relevant materials.

Students can submit their assignments with just one click.

Students can review their performance based on the quizzes and tests administered by their teachers.

Puts students in active control of their learning and keeps them engaged in the process rather than making them passive recipients of information.

Delivers learning on the device your student prefers.

Students learn from what their peers share and build on that knowledge. Healthy peer pressure makes way for healthy learning.

Provides the flexibility to do homework anywhere and on any device.

Allows learning activities to be monitored and recorded.

Creates an environment of engaged learning.


The Benefit of LMS for a school’s administration

LMS ensures that teachers are following the lesson plans and are covering all the required material. The school can use LMS to evaluate their teaching staff and keep track of the performance of their students; analyzing performance curves.


The Benefit of LMS for teachers

Teachers ensure the continuous communication with their students and parents; and use LMS to continuously evaluate their students and ensure that all students are informed of the required assignments. No more excuses by students, as they can do their homework from anywhere and at anytime. Webinars can be held before exams to ensure that all study materials are thoroughly revised.


The Benefit of LMS for students

LMS allows students to have access to study materials, assignments and resources 24/7; as well as allowing them to submit their assignments using any device. Students can interact together and exchange ideas, revise for tests or share resources.


The Benefit of LMS for parents

No more “I forgot my homework” and “I have no homework today”. LMS ensures that parents are up to date with what is happening inside the classroom. Parents can follow-up on their children’s performance, communicate with teachers whenever needed and get notified if their children’s performance is not up to standard or is going down.